Friday, October 10, 2014

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams 247 pages

Oh, how I love Douglas Adams!  He can say the most mundane thing in such a way as to make me spit my stew all over my lovely paperback.  In this book, we don't even meet the namesake, Dirk Gently, till nearly halfway through the book.  Not a lot happens, really, but boy is it a fun time finding that out!  Dirk has an annoying habit of being right about things he oughtn't even have a clue. This is especially troublesome as it has landed him in prison...well, how could he have known that the test he "foretold" all the questions and answers would be almost identical to the one actually administered to the people he sold it to?  Now Dirk has a detective agency where he doesn't investigate so much as intuit the solutions to problems.  This is good and bad for his old college roommate, Richard, whose boss is mysteriously murdered.  There is far too much going on in this book where nothing much happens for me to describe more, but trust me when I say this is well worth your time!

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