Thursday, October 16, 2014

we were liars by e.lockhart 225 pages

I could not wait to finish this book, Sorry, that is not a good thing. This is the story of a perfect family that is not so perfect. They are wealthy, privileged, own their own island and have wonderful mansions full of wonderful things, over which they all fight. The grandfather rules all and is not above threatening to disinherit if someone makes him mad. This story is told by Cadence "Cady", the first grandchild. She tells about idling away the summers on the island, being bored, etc. All the hype talks about the surprising ending, and yes, it does have a twist, but believe me, it is not worth slogging thru the rest of the book to get to the end. This book was a waste of my time and I do not see my teens identifying with or enjoying this book.

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