Thursday, October 9, 2014

Girls like Us by Gail Giles 210 pages

I highly recommend this Young Adult novel.  It is a short, easy read (I read it in about 3 hours) and would make for a great book club discussion. 

Biddy and Quimby are both graduates of their high school's special ed program.  They are speddies.  Both have been neglected and/or abused.  Now they are 18 and are partnered together in an independent living situation.  Biddy is given the job of caring for an older, wealthy lady on whose property they live, and Quimby works in the bakery of the local grocery store.  They each find they both have natural talents well suited to their positions.  As they become more independent, they begin to rely on each other, both facing past challenges and an unexpected trauma.

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