Thursday, May 7, 2015

Crash & Burn by Lisa Gardner, 400 Pages

Oh boy, I love Lisa Gardner's books.  This is the 3rd book featuring private investigator Tessa Leone.  It may be billed as a Tessa Leone book, but it more prominently  features her now-boyfriend New Hampshire Sheriff Department Sergeant Wyatt Foster.  Besides working hard on a case he is also struggling to get Tessa's 9-year old daughter Sophie to warm up to him.

One thing I like so much about Lisa Gardner's books is that while she writes many different series, featuring different characters, those characters often pop up in her other books.  Boston Detective D.D. Warren has a cameo here.

Okay, on to the story.  Nicky Frank crashes her car in a deep ravine.  She is desperate to get help for Vero so crawls to the top of the hill through rain and mud and flags down a motorist.  But who is Nicky and who is Vero?  That's what Wyatt works to unravel after he is called to the scene.  This is a top notch thriller.

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