Friday, May 22, 2015

The Liar by Nora Roberts 501 pages

Nora Roberts is at it again- Southern Style! Shelby is a young singer from a small town in the Tennessee hills.  She is wooed off her feet my a smooth talking city slicker, Richard, who marries her, takes her on fabulous trips around the world, buys her wonderful jewelry and clothes, and then begins mentally and verbally abusing her.  She misses her family, but Richard always has some important social event she must attend, rather than visiting Tennessee.  The one good thing about her life is Callie, their 3-year-old daughter that Richard shows little interest in.  Then one day, Richard is on a trip when he is declared dead, washed out to sea after his boat is capsized.  Life as Shelby knows it, caves in about her.  Not only has she lost her husband, but her whole life with him turns out to be a lie, right down to the fact that they were never legally married.  Shelby takes Callie home to the hills of Tennessee, home to her family, her parents, her grandparents, the strong women of the south, and a Yankee with a smokin' hot bod and sexy green eyes that light up around Callie and Shelby.  But although Shelby thinks Richard left her only insurmountable debt, trouble follows her home.  Good thing those Southern women are tough...and know how to shoot!

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