Friday, May 29, 2015

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson 384 pages 2015-2016 Gateway Nominee (YA novel)

 This one was a tough one for me to get through, but then I am not an adolescent male.  If you love dystopian/sci-fi, if you love video games, if you love good vs evil, you will love this book.  I would recommend it to every gamer you know.  
David lives in Newcago.  The "Epics" have taken over the world.  These are super human beings with super powers.  Steelheart runs Newcago and, as his name might suggest, he turns everything to steel.  Steelheart killed David's father 10 years ago, but each Epic has a weakness, and somehow David's father was able to wound Steelheart.  David has spent the last 10 years studying Epics, their powers, and their weaknesses.  Now, he is hooking up with the Reckoners, a group of rebels who specialize in killing Epics.  But while David has gained a wealth of knowledge over the years, he still has a lot to learn.  Not one of my favorite YA novels, but as I said, I am sure there is an audience for this read. 

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