Monday, May 4, 2015

The Raft by S. A Bodeen (A YA novel) A Truman Award Nominee 2014-2015

15-year-old Robie is not your typical teen.  She lives on Midway Atoll in the Hawaiian Islands with her parents and other Marine biologist researchers.  She is the only kid.  There are no malls, no movie theaters and phone reception is sketchy.  Occasionally she gets to visit her Aunt in Honolulu.  It is on a trip back from such a visit on a supply plane to the island that disaster strikes.  The plane loses power and goes down in the Pacific.  Robie, the only survivor,  is set adrift on a raft in shark invested waters. She drifts for days with no food and no fresh water, except when it rains.  She finally lands on an uninhabited island.  This is a story of survival and the difficult decisions Robie has to make in order to survive.

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