Monday, May 4, 2015

Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline 432 pages

Lisa Scottoline at her best!  This might be my favorite novel by her.  A psychological thriller that you will not want to put down.

Dr. Eric Parrish is a successful psychiatrist and chief of his unit at Havemeyer Hospital.  But he is having a really bad year.  His wife is divorcing him, selling their house out from under him, she already has another man in her life.  Dr. Eric is struggling to stay connected to his 7-year-old daughter with whom he has a really close relationship.  Then he gets pulled into the life of Max.  Max is troubled teenage boy who suffers from OCD, and is living with his grandmother who is dying.  Dr. Eric takes on Max as a private patient.  Max confesses to him that he has a huge crush on a girl he tutors in Math.  Max thinks about Renee all the time.  Sometimes he follows her home because he does not trust her driving.  Sometimes his thoughts take on a dark tone and he pictures himself strangling her.  Then, Renee is found dead, strangled in a park near her home.  An intern doing her rotations on Dr. Eric's ward files a sexual harassment suit against him.  His life is spiraling out of control!  But who is pulling the strings? Don't skip to the will ruin the surprise!

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