Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Memory Man by David Baldacci 403 pages

Amos Decker was a professional football player for one play of one game.  Then, he was hit so hard that it rattled his brain.  He was never the same...and he would never forget ANYTHING ever again, no matter how much he wanted to. He goes on to become a policeman, then a detective, wanting to help others.  Until one night, he comes home to find his wife and daughter murdered, those images forever imprinted on his brain.  He loses his house, leaves his job, and ends up on the street.  Until one day, over a year later, a man walks into the police station and confesses to the murders.  At the same time, a shooter is on a rampage at the high school.  Decker is called in to use his amazing skills to help solve these cases, but can he endure the memories and the burdens that go along with it.  Especially since someone is targeting him...Are these murders all about him?

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