Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Fall Of The House Of Forbes by Stewart Pinkerton, 270 pages

“The Fall Of The House Of Forbes” is written by Stewart Pinkerton, who was a writer and editor for Forbes for over twenty years. From Pinkerton’s point of view, the reader gets an inside look at the empire that B. C. Forbes built from the ground up.
The story begins with the death of Malcolm Forbes who inherited the Forbes Company from his father, B.C. Forbes.  With Malcolm’s death, the longevity of the empire becomes vulnerable; due to Malcolm’s extravagant lifestyle, four sons (Kip, Tim, Steve, Bob) all fighting for their share of power, and the world of journalism being reinvented by the internet.
I couldn't help but think the story reminded me of the fictional story, “The Great Gatsby”. The author actually mentions this himself in the book. If you are interested in how the publication world is changing, finance and journalism stories, or just how the other half live and lose, then you might enjoy this book. I found the Forbes story very interesting.  

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