Thursday, March 3, 2016

American Gods, 10th Anniversary Edition by Neil Gaiman, 522 pages

Neil Gaiman is a master storyteller.  This proud-to-be-an-Englishman-thank-you-very-much wrote a rollicking tale about America.  The original text won several literary awards from Science Fiction to Fantasy to Horror.

Shadow has been in jail for three years and three days before he is supposed to be released gets tragic news that gets him released early.  Shadow is at loose ends and gets hired by the mysterious "Mr. Wednesday" who somehow knows him, even though they just met.

Shadow travels America with Mr. Wednesday gathering other mysterious figures for a potential epic battle.  Crossing, double crossing, gods and adventure ensues.  I'm not doing it justice but if you haven't read the book, read the 10th anniversary edition like I did, because it is expanded and is the author's preferred text.  If you like to listen to books - even better.  The audiobook features a full cast of different readers.

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