Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Demolition Angel by Robert Crais 386 pages

Carol Starkey is truly a Demolition Angel.  She worked on the LAPD bomb squad, until she died trying to disarm one.  She was resuscitated, but her partner (and lover) Sugar Boudreaux, did not make it.  For 3 years, she has been living on gin, cigarettes, altoids, and Tagamet.  As a Detective for the LAPD Criminal Conspiracy Section, she is investigating the death of another member of the Bomb Squad, killed while on duty, trying to disarm a bomb.  The case turns into a murder investigation and what Starkey discovers will rock her world and the LAPD.  That is, if she can stay one step ahead of Mr. Red, a bomb maker who is building one especially for Starkey. 

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