Monday, March 7, 2016

Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie 256 pages

When young Gwen finds the home of her dreams, she is over the moon.  She and her husband are moving to England from New Zealand where she was raised by an aunt.  The house is everything she had hoped to find.  There is only one problem, she begins to suspect either she is clairvoyant or the house is haunted.  How could she know things about the house that were changed years ago?  And why did she have such a terrifying vision of a woman lying strangled in the hallway with a mystery man standing over her?  Lucky for her, Miss Jane Marple is the aunt of her friend Raymond.  This is indeed very fortunate, as Miss Marple may be the only one to figure out what has happened before and prevent it from happening again.  I enjoyed this as an audiobook.

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