Saturday, March 19, 2016

Just a Drop of Water by Kerry O'Malley Cerra 299 pages (2016-2017 Truman Award Nominee)

Jake Green is an 8th grader, a cross country runner, the best friend of Sam, just your everyday middle-school age boy.  He really does not like cross country, is more of a sprinter, a lover of the track. But his coach makes them run cross country to prepare them for track, so he and Sam run and run and run.  But things change the fall of 2001. First of all, there is a new boy in school, Kirk, and he threatens to take Jake's place as captain of the cross country team.  Jake and the class bully keep clashing, and then, 9/11.  Kirk's father is killed at the Pentagon, Sam and his family are Muslims, and one of the plane's pilots are from their town in Florida. 
This is the story of trusting in yourself no matter what everyone else says and finding it within yourself to be a hero. 
I think it is interesting that the target audience for this book was probably not born when 9/11 happened.  They do not have the 1st hand perspective.  This is a thought provoking debut novel.

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