Monday, June 27, 2016

Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld - 512 pages.

      Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld is a modern retelling of the love story, Pride and Prejudice, for those 20th century millennials who don't quite understand what that was all about. Based in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Liz Bennet and her three other sisters - Jane, Lydia, and Kitty. The well known character, Mr. Darcy also makes an appearance. I instantly fell in love with the title of the book alone, something about the difference from the original title to the new one.
      In the midst of debt and chaos, the Bennets (the parents) are discovering the need to sell their home that they raised their children in and Mrs. Bennet is hooked on trying to marry off her daughters to different "eligible" bachelors. Yet, Sittenfeld queued in another man named Chip, who was actually on the TV reality show that really resembles this era's "The Bachelor" quite well, and that show was Eligible. Well, with two men and four sisters I won't ruin what happens in the end but it is QUITE entertaining. Who wins the heart of who? and who ends up falling in love with who? Read to find out. You can check the book out here at the Library website or you can even purchase your own copy to reread and cherish this new story over and over again, right here.

Enjoy and stay reading.


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