Sunday, June 5, 2016

Famous Last Words by Katie Alender 320 pages

Willa has just moved to Hollywood after her mother remarries a movie producer. Ever since moving in, Willa is seeing things that no one else can see. Messages written on the walls, a dead body in the pool, and a tub full of water.

Willa has made a few friends. There’s Marnie, who acts like a friend, but it is not completely trustworthy. Wyatt, Willa’s science partner, seems standoffish. Reed, her stepfather’s assistant who seems to understand Willa.

To make matters worst, there is a killer running around Los Angeles. Being dubbed the Hollywood Killer, someone is targeting girls and recreating movie murder scenes. When Marnie goes missing, Willa gets worried. Will Willa be the next victim? 

This was read by Nora Hunter and is a nominee for the Truman Award.

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