Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Girl in the Red Coat by Kate Hamer 322 pages

Beth has a lot on her plate. Her husband has left her for another woman, she hasn’t seen or spoken to her parents in years and her eight year old daughter Carmel has a habit of wandering off causing Beth to become over protective. Then Beth’s worst nightmare comes true and Carmel disappears while on an outing to a literary fair and the story takes off from there.

The Girl in the Red Coat was beautifully written. I wouldn’t be surprised if it became a bestseller. But, quite frankly, I was disappointed. From the pre published hype, to my expectations that never measured up, The Girl in the Red Coat went places I had no interest in. I just wanted a plain old English mystery. I got a tormented family drama instead.

Perhaps the worst part of the book was the ending that left all its potential blowing in the wind especially since I forced myself to continue reading in hopes that a few of my expectations could be salvaged.

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