Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Most Wanted by Lisa Scottoline 417 pages

I enjoy Lisa Scottoline's Rosato and Associates books so I will try not to hold this book against her. I have to admit, the whole time I was reading it, I felt like a was reading a poorly written Jodi Piccoult novel.
Christine Nilsson is a young teacher whose husband is infertile.  They really want a family so they choose an anonymous sperm donor.  Every thing seems to be going fine until the man arrested as a serial killer of young nurses bears a strong resemblance to their donor.  Here is where the story goes off the rails, in my opinion.  Christine puts her marriage and her life at risk when she decides to find the identity of the donor and prove he is not guilty. 1st, she impersonates a reporter, then a paralegal to gain access to the prison and to interview witnesses.  Some may argue that this shows what a strong woman she is and how resourceful teachers are.  On the other hand, I thought she was irresponsible and did not take into consideration the reprecussions of her actions.  This book does include book club discussion materials for those who want to debate the point!

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