Thursday, June 9, 2016

Freakling by Lana Krumwiede 309 pages

This was another book that I started reading to see if it would be a better fit in our juvenile section or in teen literature and got completely hooked.  I read the first few chapters online, but then had to wait impatiently for it to arrive so I could finish it.  I was hooked in the first chapter.  This was a really well written, never forced, first in a series that I really look forward to carrying on.  Taemon is a young man in a society where everyone uses psi (basically telekinesis) to do everything.  No one uses their hands to eat, drink, get dressed.  In fact, it's considered vulgar to do so.  Taemon has an additional ability that his parents have warned him to keep hidden.  He can send his mind wandering into basically anything to see how it works, right down to the atomic level.  Any differences can be dangerous and make him a target, so he does his best to keep that to himself.  His brother, Yens, has dreams of power and is determined to be named the True Son.  Yens is also quite cruel and manipulative.  Through a traumatic and volatile interaction, Taemon loses his power of telekinesis.  He is then sent to the 'dud farm', a colony outside his city where psiless people live.  He adapts quickly to this kind and friendly environment, but discovers some very dangerous secrets.  Taemon may be the only one who can stop a war and save thousands of lives.  This was book one of the Psi Chronicles and I am really looking forward to reading the next one!  I highly recommend this book to kids fifth grade and up who like a book that keeps them guessing and who enjoys the dystopian genre.

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