Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier 350 pages

This is a pretty creepy little book that would be great for fourth grade readers and up who enjoy some chills.  Molly and her brother, Kip, are orphans who need work and a place to live.  They agree to be the maid/cook and groundskeeper respectively at a home far away from their home in Ireland.  This is historical fiction to some degree, as it takes place probably mid 1880s.  The house where they've been hired is in the middle of the "Sour Woods" somewhere in England.  The locals do their best to warn them away, but desperate times mean sometimes having to do what you'd really rather not.  It doesn't take long for Molly and Kip to notice that the family just isn't quite right and that strange goings on are afoot.  For one thing, there is a tree growing into the house.  Not just the roots into the foundation, but into the rooms.  The family tells them that they must absolutely not touch or trim the tree back.  When the truth is finally discovered, Molly and Kip will have to decide whether to stay and help the family or run while they still can.  This had a pretty original idea for a different kind of ghost story and was really a good read.

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