Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Right to Die by Rex Stout 182 pages

Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin are at it again.  This time a figure from their past who had helped them out of a very tough case appears to ask for help regarding his son.  It is the height of the civil rights movement and their client is a black man, concerned about his son's plan to marry a white girl.  He's convinced there must be something wrong with a girl like that, wealthy, beautiful, intelligent, to want to have such a difficult life.  Almost as soon as they get started on that case, the girl is found bludgeoned in her apartment building in Harlem.  As with all of the Nero Wolfe mysteries, Archie's storytelling is divine.  His voice is witty and entertaining.  Wolfe's genius shines in this tale.  However, as I said, it takes place in one of our country's more volatile climates.  Some of the language was upsetting, even though accurate for the time period.  This was an audiobook read by Michael Prichard, who is the best reader of these books I've run across.

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