Friday, October 25, 2013

The Mother Hunt by Rex Stout 208 pages

Button, button, who's got the button?  That's the question, well, almost.  When an heiress and newly widowed woman has a baby dropped off in her penthouse doorway with a note attached that indicates her late husband is the father, she hires Nero Wolfe to discover who the mother is and what the likelihood is that it may be true.  The only real clue Wolfe has to go on are handmade, horsehair buttons.  The problem is that as soon as they find someone who might know something, they wind up murdered.  As much as Wolfe loves money, he almost takes it personally to have to work.  Luckily, he has Archie Goodwin to keep him on task.  This was another audio book read by Michael Prichard.  As with all the Nero Wolfe mysteries, Archie's storytelling is highly enjoyable.  This is one of my favorite stories involving Archie and Nero simply because Archie so effectively drives Nero bonkers.

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