Friday, October 25, 2013

Fallout By Ellen Hopkins 665 pages

Fallout is the last book in the Crank series. The final book is the story of Kristina’s teenage kids.  Fallout tells you the story of how Hunter, Summer and Autumn all suffered because of their parent's choices.  You get to read the struggles that each teen faced growing up.  Having parents that were never there for them. Being raised by grandparents, an alcoholic father, and even foster homes. Finding out they have other siblings they never knew about, and then to meet them all on Christmas Day.  Will Hunter, Summer or Autumn turn to alcohol or meth? Find out when you read Fallout.

I really enjoyed this series.  I would recommend this not only to teens (as it is a teen series), but to adults as well.  To me this was one of those series you just wanted to keep reading because you wanted to know what happened next or how it would end.

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