Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pie by Sarah Weeks 183 pages

Let me begin by saying that kids love this book!  We have had a lot of positive reviews from young readers.  It is a Mark Twain award nominee this year.  Pie is a mystery at its core.  A young girl loses her favorite aunt suddenly.  That's not the mystery, there were no questionable circumstances.  The mystery is why she would have left her world-class pie crust recipe to a cantankerous cat.  Lucky Alice...she inherits the cranky cat.  From trying to figure out who broke into her aunt's famous shop to unraveling who might have catnapped the cat from her room, Alice begins to feel as if everything around her is not what it seems.  It had a very tidy ending, which may be appealing to the younger crowd.  Adults who have read it tend to be a little disappointed by how neatly it all gets wrapped up.  Highly recommended for the 4th - 6th graders!  One thing adults may really like about it?  Pie recipes are included!!!

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