Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Humanity Project by Jean Thompson 352 pages

This book features a big cast of characters whose stories intersect and reconnect in odd ways throughout the telling.  To begin with there is a survivor of a school shooting, a bizarre "blind date" which ends up in a near fatal accident, a couple of youngsters who survive and thrive despite their sorry lots in life, a wealthy widow with a mind of her own as far as how her millions will be spent, and how could I fail to mention a librarian's personal favorite:  the down-on-his-luck dude searching the internet, using library computers, to "hook up"?

One of the characters asks questions early on in the book about how it is in this life that some people have so much and some people have so little.  That theme could be called the main drive behind a lot of the choices that are made.  There is comedy in the book as well.  Does anyone remember Edward Abbey?  This book had me thinking about his writings as well as Carl Hiaasen's.  

Jean Thompson also wrote The Year We Left Home, which I also highly recommend

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