Thursday, October 31, 2013

Never Go Back by Lee Child 400 pages

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Oh, yes!  Best-selling author Lee Child has another winner on his hands!  Jack Reacher has been set up!  He finally makes it back to Virginia to put a face to the sexy, husky voice at the other end of a phone line, belonging to Major Susan Turner.  She is the new Commanding Officer of Reacher's old unit, the 110th MP.  Only Major Susan is in jail, for taking a bribe and the new CO informs Reacher that he has been recalled.  He is back in the army to face not one, but two charges!  A paternity suit and a criminal charge that he beat a witness.  Proving both himself and Susan innocent, breaking out of jail, avoid 4 thugs, and meeting the 14-year-old who may be his daughter make this a fast paced story that will keep the pages turning.  Just keep a coin handy while reading this....heads or tails, yes or no, always a 50-50 chance that Reacher will succeed. You'll see what I mean.

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