Thursday, October 24, 2013

W is for Wasted by Sue Grafton 496 pages

I've been with Sue Grafton and her character Kinsey Millhone since "A is for Alibi" was published way back in 1982 while I was in highschool. Thirty-one years have passed in my life, but in "W is for Wasted" it is only 1988 for Kinsey so only 6 years have passed in book-time.

I find it refreshing that she still heads to the library to peruse the old city directories and phone books when she is looking for someone and has to use a map when detecting out of town, instead of using the GPS on her cell phone.

Sue Grafton continues to write a good story and I'll be with her through Z is for  . . . whatever it is.  Though I am eagerly awaiting what she comes up with for "X."  So far I've never guessed correctly for any of her titles.

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