Thursday, October 24, 2013

Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich 414 pages

Imagine, having one of the worst days of your life, hair is a mess, clothes are mussed, rushing to catch a plane and then, sitting next to Mr. Perfect!  I mean a real hunk!  Poor Holly, a recent widow who eats to ease her emotional pain, meets Logan, athletic trainer to the stars.  Logan decides to take Holly on as a special project. He soon realizes that she is not like the perfect looking cookie-cutter girlfriends in his recent past, in more ways than the obvious.  As Holly works her butt off, literally, a very interesting complex woman emerges and their friendship turns to something more.  Will Logan be willing to step out with someone who clearly is not his usual type?  Will Holly be able to overcome her insecurities and realize she deserves someone special?  Stephanie Evanovich's debut novel is a cute romantic comedy and will adapt well to the screen, but does not pack the laugh out loud punch we have come to expect from the name Evanovich.  Try it on for size!

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