Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Glass Wives: A Novel by Amy Sue Nathan 304 pages

In this book Richard Glass dies in a car accident and leaves behind a widow with a baby and also an ex-wife with two young children.  As in most cases where a man leaves a wife and family for another (younger) woman I sided immediately with the ex-wife.  Then when it is revealed that Richard had numerous dalliances before leaving the wife for the other woman, well, that deal was sealed.

However, the author does a very good job of trying to make Nicole, the second wife, a character worth our understanding, if not our sympathy.  Evie, the ex-wife, is stronger, wittier, and more likeable from the get go.  The solutions they come up with involving their living circumstances and finances are interesting.  Just when you think it will come together or fall apart, a new problem or resolution presents itself.

Of particular interest to me was the way Evie's children spoke about the loss of their father and the loss of their routines after he dies.  I thought the author did an excellent job writing about their questions and grief and heartache and that Evie's responses to their questions about death and dying were really well written.

Evie has two good friends who play a big part in the book as well.  This book would be good for discussion in a book club.

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