Monday, October 21, 2013

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks 416 pages

The story is given in three different perspectives from a bull rider named Luke, an art history major Sophia, and a snow trapped, elderly man Ira.

After running off the road during a blizzard, 91-year-old Ira is stuck with water he cannot reach and a sandwich he cannot find. As Ira lays there dying, he looks back at the life he has had with the love of his life, Ruth, who died nine years previous.

Luke and Sophia, who came from two different worlds, somehow hit it off with one another, when Luke intervenes between Sophia and her ex-boyfriend. As they grow closer, they have to deal with the fact that Luke continues to ride bulls even though he could die if he lands wrong.

Luke and Sophia, Ira and Ruth. They impact each others' life, leaving a lasting mark.

Nicholas Sparks is able to combine two of my favorite things, reading and bull riding. Not that I ride bulls, I just like to watch it. 

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