Monday, October 28, 2013

Six Years by Harlen Coben 351 pages

Jake and Natalie fall head over heels in love. Inexplicably Natalie breaks off their relationship and within weeks is married to another man. They disappear into the sunset but not without first extracting a promise from Jake that he won’t bother them. Six years later Jake sees an obituary of Natalie’s husband, figures the promise is null and void and sets out to find her. The action heats up from there. In his quest to find his one true love he is kidnapped at gun point, smacked around a lot, shot, and told over and over and over again that people would die if he didn’t leave it alone. And of course he doesn’t listen. And people die. Six Years is full of non-stop action, twists and turns seemingly in every chapter, intense, and just plain good reading. I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending another weekend with Harlan.

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