Monday, October 21, 2013

Because of Mr. Terupt By Rob Buyea 288 Pages

Because of Mr. Terupt is a wonderful story.  An easy page turner with short chapters and wide margins makes it perfect for a reluctant reader.  My daughter loves non-fiction and was told by her teacher to read more fiction.  I gave her this book and she was done in 4 days!  Seven wonderful 5th graders drive the different chapters of this book.  Each chapter has a different voice, a different story and a different feel.  Each 5th grader speaks about Mr. Terupt, their teacher, their friends, their enemies and their personal lives.  From the popular kid to the fat kid, from the quiet kid to the new kid, you learn that life is not easy for anyone and that what really matters in life are the people in it.  Mr. Terupt goes above and beyond to connect with each of his students and to teach them what's really important in life.  However, when tragedy strikes, does the class turn on each other?  Or do they stand by each other and finally realize what Mr. Terupt was teaching them all along?

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